TD 2005 bind variabele casting changed behaviour

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Vincent Kars

TD 2005 bind variabele casting changed behaviour

Post by Vincent Kars » 12 Aug 2005, 13:09

 Posted by:  Vincent Kars 

Using SQLServer by OleDb

!!CB!! 174
Set strSessionProperties='Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=True;Initial Catalog=Wisdom;Data Source=ATLAS'
Call SqlCreateSession ( Session_Handle, strSessionProperties)
Call SqlCreateStatement ( Session_Handle, hSql )
Set sIn='2004-01-26'
Set sPPKey='1'
!!CB!! 174
! This works in TD 3.1 In TD4 it generates -2147217887 (invalid cast)
Set sSql= "UPDATE kennisbank SET kb_datelast=:sIn WHERE kb_nr=:sPPKey"
! TD 4 - this works
Set sSql= "UPDATE kennisbank SET kb_datelast='" || sIn || "' WHERE kb_nr=:sPPKey"
Call SqlPrepareAndExecute( hSql, sSql )
Call SqlFreeSession( Session_Handle )


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