Team Developer 3.1 PTF4 is available

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Team Developer 3.1 PTF4 is available

Post by SurenBehari » 11 Aug 2005, 18:38

 Posted by:  Suren Behari 


Suren Behari

Product Manager - Team Developer

Francois de Zomer

Re: Team Developer 3.1 PTF4 is available

Post by Francois de Zomer » 18 Aug 2005, 10:56

 Posted by:  de Zomer 


testet the PTF4 but could it be that tfe BuildTool from Cristian Schubert dos not work !?



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Re: Team Developer 3.1 PTF4 is available

Post by cschubert » 18 Aug 2005, 19:14

 Posted by:  Christian Schubert 


could be just the same as in PTF1 for TD 2005. CDK more or less stopped
working here. Logged that error two month ago, no fix available yet.



Re: Team Developer 3.1 PTF4 is available

Post by Math » 23 Aug 2005, 13:53

 Posted by:  Math 


If you are referring to the issue as in your earlier posting, dated
06/17/05, I found that If we pass -MTX as an additional command line
argument to the application that is invoked from Tools menu, it works fine.
If you are referring to some other issue, I am curious to know the details.



Ingo Pohl

Re: Team Developer 3.1 PTF4 is available

Post by Ingo Pohl » 02 Sep 2005, 09:20

 Posted by:  Ingo Pohl 

When will the Patch 4 be fixed?
After installing PTF4 the CDK doesnt work correct anymore...
We have to rollback the changes to have PTF3R again.

Don't you test the software you programm?


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Re: Team Developer 3.1 PTF4 is available

Post by StefanM » 02 Sep 2005, 10:28

 Posted by:  Stefan Misch 

This is what sometimes drives me crazy, too.
In Gupta's PTF policy they state that PTFs only go through only a minimal
acceptance test. So these bugs and side effects are the result. On the other
side, the new releases are sometimes full of bugs (especially those with new
features). You have to wait at least for the next MR-releases and sometimes
even for some PTF before you have a version that IMHO is good enough to be
used for programming.

So I used TD 1.1-PTF12, then changed to TD 1.5.1-PTF6. I totally skipped the
"legendary" TD 2000 (TD2.0), I had TD2.1-PTF3/4 in production. I then
skipped TD3.0 again. I'm now on TD3.1-PTF2 (but I do not use the new table
window GUI as its full of bugs). I also skip TD2005. I'm looking forward to
TD2005.1 but I still wait to see the first reactions (e.g. the new XML
features) in the NG before i will switch to some PTF of TD2005.1.


Dave Rabelink
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Re: Team Developer 3.1 PTF4 is available

Post by Dave Rabelink » 04 Sep 2005, 09:44

 Posted by:  Dave Rabelink 

I did always wonder how it is possible some working functionality suddenly gets messed up without having any obvious functional or technical link between the fixed bugs and the newly introduced bugs.

Seems there is much underneath the TD surface which is not tested properly when bugs are fixed. Normally when fixing part A which is used internally by part B and C, all parts should be tested.

So what is happening here ?

Internal TD code is so messy it is impossible to test all dependencies?
TD testers do not test or there are no TD testers ?
There is more fixed by the TD coders than officially is is reported so Gupta does not know what parts are affected ?

I really urge Gupta to stop adding new functionality and focus on fixing the TD environment. There are bugs in the system which are there for years now.
I don't want new functionality which introduces many more bugs while Gupta keeps very old ones untouched.
(best example the new tablewindow GUI, this is really a messy piece of new DISFUNCTIONALITY).

In the past last year i have found several severe bugs, reported them and found on this forum many others have reported bugs for TD3.1.

All those bugs are not fixed in ptf4. I wonder if they are getting fixed ever, as the bugs i reported many years ago are not fixed either.

The obvious reaction from Gupta on this issue : "Please use the higher version of TD, there the bugs are fixed" !

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