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Jason Carter

Bookmark is invalid

Post by Jason Carter » 05 Aug 2005, 07:55

 Posted by:  Jason Carter 

CTD2005 PTF1/XP/SQL Server 2000

The following causes the above error:

SqlPrepareAndExecute( hSql, 'SELECT statement1')

SqlFetchNext( hSql, nReturn ) - no records exist

SqlPrepareAndExecute( hSql, 'SELECT statement2' )

While SqlFetchNext( hSql, nReturn ) - fails on second row
! do something

Using same cursor for both selects.

Mahesh Ramakrishnan

Re: Bookmark is invalid

Post by Mahesh Ramakrishnan » 05 Aug 2005, 15:32

 Posted by:  Mahesh Ramakrishnan 

I don't know much about this. But heard that this is an bug in ADO 2.6 and
has been fixed in ADO 2.6
SP1/SP2 and above.

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