TD 4.0.0 - Print to File (RTF - Format)

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TD 4.0.0 - Print to File (RTF - Format)

Post by Georg Frueh » 12 Apr 2005, 10:09

 Posted by:  Georg Frueh 

With QRPTI40.DLL: 4.0.0, Build 13721 we found the following Problem:

If we create a Report with a Picture-Field and we set the property "Size To
Fit" the following happens.
- The picture in the report is displayed and resized correctly when we print
the reoprt on the screen or on the printer
- If we save it as RTF-File the picture is not resized to fit and so it
appers like a watermark in the original (big) size.

The only Workarround is to resize the picture-file or to modify the
properties of the picture in the report scaling it manually.


Georg Frueh

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