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SQLBase guru - consulting, DB recovery

Post by sysalo » 27 Feb 2003, 21:42

 Posted by:  sysalo 

I was Gupta/Centura SQLBase architect from version 6.1 through to 7.5
(Blazer, Voyager, Windstar series), so I'm one of (perhaps) 3 people around
who understand SQLBase completely, inside-out.

So what, you ask... Well, I'm now doing consulting, database recovery (I
wrote the book, and the tools, on this subject) and so forth.

I'm happy to answer questions (that don't infringe on Gupta's Intellectual
Rights), and even happier to consult on SQLBase, Oracle, and RDBMS (server,
client, etc) generally.

Oh - and don't ask if I can recover an encrypted database with a lost server
password.... I designed and wrote that stuff, and, yes, it's impossible.


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