CTD Positions, Cape Town, South Africa

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CTD Position

CTD Positions, Cape Town, South Africa

Post by CTD Position » 21 Feb 2003, 23:12

 Posted by:  CTD Position 

Programmer positions available soon for an International Banking - Finance
project based out of Cape Town.

If you have Centura experience or are willing to learn, please send resume's
to ctdposition@hotmail.com along with an idea of your availability.

A more formal and in-depth advertisement may follow this post in the near


CTD Position

Re: CTD Positions, Cape Town, South Africa

Post by CTD Position » 26 Feb 2003, 21:48

 Posted by:  CTD Position 

Resumes are being accepted now to fill 10 Centura programmer/analyst
positions available in Cape Town, South Africa to enhance and maintain
Banking/Finance client-server software for the International and US markets.

Experience with Centura, Sybase, MS SQLServer, Oracle, Stored procedures and
.Net technologies a bonus.
Those not skilled in Centura, but demonstrating an aptitude for OO
programming/client-server sytems, will be placed on a certified training

Interviews will commence at the beginning of March, with successful
applicants notified by the end of March.

Relocation packages available.

Salaries paid in and at local rates.

No outsourcing or contractor agreements will be considered at this point.

Developers interested in this oportunity should send resume's to

Thanks...and good luck :)

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