Centura consultants in the Scandinavian area

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Frank Jorgensen

Centura consultants in the Scandinavian area

Post by Frank Jorgensen » 19 Feb 2003, 16:50

 Posted by:  Frank Jorgensen 

Itema as:

We are a Norwegian company with 8 employees, most of them 8-12 years of
experience. All of them have been working as consultans in the areas of
and Oracle. Some with experience from SQLWindows' earliest days.

Our main business area has been mainly in Gas/oil trade/logistics.

Other technical areas:
Oracle Products:Reports, Designer, Forms, Oracle Financials.
Languages: Java, C, C++, Pascal
Other: PowerBuilder, PVCS, ER-win, PowerDesigner, CORBA, Servlets, JSP, EJB,

If you have a resource challenge in your organization and are in the
Scandinavian area, please feel free to seek further information about us by
sending email
to Jostein Bjorkoy email: jbj@itema.no . If you read Norwegian try
www.itema.no .

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