Another CTD Developer Available

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Fred Kaifosh

Another CTD Developer Available

Post by Fred Kaifosh » 07 Mar 2002, 21:26

 Posted by:  Fred Kaifosh 

Available for short or long term, on or off-site contract work. Willing to
travel from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Developed applications with Gupta/Centura since 1991. Also capable with
Visual Basic.

Familiar with SQLBase, SQLServer, Informix, Sybase, Oracle as well as Access
and the xBase products.

Designed databases using ERWin as the data-modelling tool.

Responsibilities included project DBA, team leader, design, development,
testing, integration, version management and implementation.

Solved performance and technical issues.

Activities have included data consolidation, migration and cleansing,
requirements analysis, enhancements, testing, documentation, optimization,
interface design, implementation and support.

Worked in government, finance, energy, insurance, medical and service

Fred Kaifosh
Kaifosh & Associates Ltd.
416 480 0784

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