Centura developer Available in Mexico or Any Where

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Luis Betanzo

Centura developer Available in Mexico or Any Where

Post by Luis Betanzo » 13 Dec 2000, 15:29

 Posted by:  Luis Betanzo 

Hello I'm looking for a contract position that offers the opportunity to
work as
system design architect, project manager or team leader, using Centura or
other tools.

SUMMARY Luis Enrique Betanzo has more than 12 years of IT experience, during
which he has developed multiple applications, possessing a great knowledge
of Object Oriented methodologies (OOP and OOD) with the Rational Rose and
RequisitePro tools under UML, broad experience in analysis, design and
modeling databases with ERWIN based on the SQL ANSI 92 standard, experience
in the ANSI 99 or SQL3 standard, modeling databases from Rational Rose and
other Case tools, he also has experience in different databases, such as
Oracle, Informix, SQLServer, SQLBase and others, plus the handling of
languages such as Centura Builder, Visual Basic, Perl, Java, C++ and HTML,
programming under COM+ y CORBA standards, he also has broad knowledge and
experience in the design and implementing of a Datawarehouse with different
tools, plus developing a code generator and a class library for Centura
Builder and Visual Studio, which has been patented under the name SQLStd.
The majority of his systems have been developed under a client/server
architecture. In addition, Luis Enrique is certified in Centura Builder by
GUPTA (also known as Centura) since 1994.
My email is lbetanzo@prodigy.net.mx

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