Central european Developer Conference

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Central european Developer Conference

Post by Mirko » 01 Nov 2007, 10:56

 Posted by:  Mirko BONANNO 

Due to the thousands of demands I recived... (ROTFLMAO)

... I decided to share my opinion with the whole comunity


The Conference was globally more expensive then last year.
We had no goodies at all. Not that I care about it but I did not even see a
Unify pencil. Usually when you go to a presentation or demo(, first of all,
you don't have to pay for it lol) and then you usually get a case with some
white papers, pencils, advertisings, evaluation CDs and sometimes even
t-shirts! My very first impression was, let me say. poor?!?!

The material provided by the hotel they used for presentations, both audio
and video, was excellent! The rooms were we had the presentations were very
The food was good and the drinks too!!! This year the night event was at the
hotel :-( but it was quite funny :-)
The hotel was more expensive (for us) then last year! I think we can say
that Ines did a good job this year too!

People have changed
Suren was not there anymore! It looks like the Gupta team in US was mainly
replaced by some unify guys. Well, that's normal! Isn't it?
They did not talk a word about Suren. They actually apologized for tdV5 and
sbV10 and said they were not proud of it!

From my personal point of view Suren was overloaded with work; Last year he
was responsible for both products TD & SqlBase!!!

Well, the first presentation (the one made by the direction) was for me kind
of 'sounds like last year': We will, we can, we are planning to.
Very nice words about 5.1; how good it is, how good our applications will
look like, some new features .
Very nice words about SqlBase 11; the work they made to make it less
And very nice road maps for both products; you know the one we all would
like to hear.
My personal problem is that I've been listening for their roadmaps for years
without getting any product following that road!!!

I attended the following demos;

TD 5.1 We saw; Themes (he stayed about 35 minutes on that topic), Consuming
Web services (it seems some very good job has been made on this topic),
Unicode, Grid table, Ribbon toolbars, new tabs and new.. (hold your breath).
They said (and it looks it is true) they made their best to insure
compatibility between versions.

My opinion
Themes: very nice! That's the beginning of what we have been waiting for
since winXP
Web services: It looks good! But again IMHO the solution is not finished:
When will we be able to provide web services?
Ribbons: Well, it looks modern indeed!!!
Unicode: If you need it! But I still cannot understand why I would name my
form with Japanese characters (?)
Grid table: It looks like a table, it works like a table and we can do with
it LESS things we can do with normal tables??????????????
New Tabs: Finally an object we can drop on a form window. You can only
assign child windows and not an entire form.
Calendars: NO COMMENT

My feeling: Puzzled; Why did they code new tables, tabs & calendars? Why not
improve the existing ones? The answers were confusing! It looks like they
are not able to?!?! That's strange when you see what Mr. Stoll made with
And then they moved on saying that we have to tell them what we want as new
controls on their new forum! You all know we have been telling them what we
wish for years! Is there any need to explain AGAIN what we need in (for
example) table windows: I don't think so!!!
In a general way the person who made the demo was not a good show man (as
Suren was) and he did not give me the feeling that he was really aware of
what we were asking for; Maybe it was just a question of 'accents' (as he
said) as he was not able to understand our questions.
While we still cannot make trees in our tables, we have at least 3 different
ways to make a . calendar!

Report Builder: Did you ever dream to use themes in your Report Builder? I
did not! Who did? Just wondering.
It is at least the 3rd DevCon where I see the option to print to PDF
directly from RB. Do you think we will really get it one day?

SqlBase11: First of all, the new person responsible with SqlBase looks to be
really skilled! His demos (thanks god) were interesting, useful and even
funny! IIRC he worked for both Unify and Gupta.
He explained all the changes they made in SB11, why they made them and how
we are supposed to modify the existing in order to take advantage of new
Assuming that everything he said is true (and works) I was really satisfied
with V11 and the roadmaps he presented.

I really think they need someone with this profile who would be responsible
with TD.

I had the pleasure to meet some people from the Newsgroups and to exchange
opinions, tips & tricks!

The guys from Unify seemed to me quite skilled and willing to provide new
solutions to. (Unfortunately) OLD PROBLEMS

So did I have a good or a bad feeling from this conference? I still don't
know! I did not try V5.1 (don't have time to at the moment) and having my
GLS ending in August (and because I did not renew it) I did not get any
upgrade :-( to V5.1 so.

This is my personal opinion and not the one of the company I'm working

Please take into account that I'm not a natural English speaker (nor writer
as you can see lol) so there might be a difference between what they wanted
to say and what I understood.

I wish Guptify a great future


Niels Allerheiligen

Central european Developer Conference

Post by Niels Allerheiligen » 01 Nov 2007, 11:56

 Posted by:  Niels Allerheiligen 

Thanks for sharing, Mirko. That was quite interesting.


Rajesh Desai

Central european Developer Conference

Post by Rajesh Desai » 02 Nov 2007, 09:46

 Posted by:  Rajesh Desai 

Thank you for sharing your views

Rajesh Desai


Central european Developer Conference

Post by Bud » 08 Nov 2007, 06:11

 Posted by:  Bud 


Thank you for sharing your opinion. I was very well stated and much

All the best,

Bud Ingraham

Aravind Ram

Central european Developer Conference

Post by Aravind Ram » 09 Nov 2007, 05:08

 Posted by:  Aravind Ram 

Just finished with the North American DevCon at Unify HQ in Sacramento. Was
very nice meeting (finally) with many of the people that I have only seen
here on the newsgroup. The guys from Unify and the old Gupta world were all
very approachable and friendly. I just hope (for my own sake) that I will
be able to take care of the UNICODE issues that we are having quickly and
efficiently with some help from the guys at Unify.

More about the DevCon later.


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