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Join GUPTA at LinuxWorld in Boston

Post by Kristie Wells » 14 Dec 2004, 19:33

 Posted by:  Kristie Wells 

Have you checked out GUPTA lately? Are you planning on developing
applications on Linux? I hear Bean Town in February is quite lovely

Join GUPTA in booth 118 at the LinuxWorld show on February 15, 2005 -
February 17, 2005 to learn how you can develop and deploy your applications
with a single source code line on either Microsoft Windows® or Linux®.

GUPTA is providing in-depth demonstrations on SQLBase 9.0, the embedded,
zero-administration database and Team Developer 2005, the 4GL Cross-Platform
RAD tool to introduce new users to GUPTA and help existing developers and IT
professionals keep pace with the latest advancements.

GUPTA's executive staff and technical team will also be available for
one-on-one discussions on how GUPTA can assist you in being one of the first
to build business applications on the Linux desktop. Interested parties
should contact Kristie Wells at (650) 596-4387 or to schedule an appointment.

Complimentary passes to LinuxWorld Boston are available, please contact
Kristie Wells for details.

Not able to get to Bean Town and need to know why you should give GUPTA a
chance? Just say the word and we would be happy to share our exciting news
and review the features now available on SQLBase and Team Developer.

Best regards,

Kristie Wells

Marketing and Corporate Communications

GUPTA.Cross Platform Development and Deployment

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