Clear Answers on Gupta Uncertainty (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
Jim McNamara

Clear Answers on Gupta Uncertainty

Post by Jim McNamara » 27 Jan 2004, 19:14

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Thank you Igor. The response I was mulling over was not so polite. :-))

CW Stevenson

Clear Answers on Gupta Uncertainty

Post by CW Stevenson » 11 May 2004, 00:55

 Posted by:  CWStevenson 

The fact is, we have shifted head count, but not reduced. We now have three
open requistions for engineers with specialties in Linux, MSIL, UNICODE and
data connectivity. The engineering team has been stable (no loss of key
engineers in 3 years) and, we have added about 20% to our engineering head
count in the last two years.

GUPTA is a live and doing very well - with a Linux version of both Team
Developer and SQBase due out this year and increased work on the Windows
platform. We see increasing sales of both products and many customers who
thought they would go to .NET or JAVA, have returned because they needed a
tool to develop applications quickly.

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