New GUI objects : what we would like

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Dave Rabelink
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New GUI objects : what we would like

Post by Dave Rabelink » 28 Oct 2007, 22:33

 Posted by:  Dave Rabelink 

I have been looking at the framework TD51 uses for it's new GUI
objects, the Prof-UIS framework from FOSS Software.

First of all, it is nice reading all the stuff which can be done using
it. I really recommend downloading the sample package to look at some
amazing features. Ready to go samples which show all objects (just
start the seperate executables and play with them).

I know, having such a framework does not mean the features are easy
and quickly integrated in TD and accessible to TD developers in their
own projects. But it shows what 'could' be implemented in future.

Looking at the samples, I was wondering what objects I would like to
use in my own projects and what my personal priority would be for
Unify to implement in TD. Offcourse, I want them all....but that is

My personal wishes for new GUI objects in TD would be :

- Treeview : this is my TOP 1 wish. A new fresh looking Treeview
- Fully implemented grid control (see sample SimpleGrids-m.exe)
- Page container (see sample PageContainer-m.exe)
- Page navigator (see sample PageNavigator-m.exe)
- Status panes (see sample StatusPanes-m.exe)
- Tabbed bars (see sample TabbedBars-m.exe)

Having 10 developers is having 10 wishes, so it is hard to get a right
priority which objects to put into TD. So why not talk about it then ?
What would you like, which objects are really an addition to your
projects ?

Bugfixes and enhances SAL and OO features are also important (maybe
even more) but having a look on new looks would not hurt either.


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Re: New GUI objects : what we would like

Post by Mirko » 20 Nov 2007, 16:10

 Posted by:  Mirko BONANNO 

it looks really promising...

Fully implemented trees & grids would be great.


PS Did I say «Fully implemented» ?

Ingo Pohl

Re: New GUI objects : what we would like

Post by Ingo Pohl » 21 Nov 2007, 10:08

 Posted by:  Ingo Pohl 

I would like to see the tabpages too

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