substitute in SQL.INI

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Christoph Kukulies

substitute in SQL.INI

Post by Christoph Kukulies » 21 Jun 2010, 15:18

 Posted by:  Christoph Kukulies 

The SUBSTITUTE syntax allows to substitute a pattern against another
pattern, useful e.g. in the [oragtwy] section to Gupta/Centura/Unify
functions to Oracle:


Would that work in a manner like C-language #define MACROS as well, like


Christoph Kukulies

Hyacinth Pfeiffer

substitute in SQL.INI

Post by Hyacinth Pfeiffer » 24 Jun 2010, 05:36

 Posted by:  Hyacinth Pfeiffer 

Hi Christoph,

I don´t think so; as far as I know substitute is a plain text
substitution, not a macro call.


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