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Frank Otto

TD2005 PTF1

Post by Frank Otto » 07 Feb 2005, 11:15

 Posted by:  Frank Otto 


is there a date for TD2005 PTF1?

We have some problems with TD2005 under linux?

- calling help from td doesn't function
- calling printer functions --> the label of buttons are changed

kind regards,



Re: TD2005 PTF1

Post by bob » 15 Feb 2005, 22:54

 Posted by:  bob 

I want to know also.

Specifically I have noticed that defect 80316 which is fixed in 3.1 ptf2 is not fixed in td2005.

80316 USELOB=1 causes application code with SqlExecute in a loop to fail with different errors depending upon the
datatypes returned, even if a LOB field is not used in the SQL query.

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