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CW Stevenson

Request for input from Team Developer community

Post by CW Stevenson » 03 Jan 2005, 22:23

 Posted by:  CWStevenson 

An open request for input from the community. GUPTA has experienced
significant new sales of the Team Developer product during the last six
months. In private conversations with one company in North America and four
companies in EMEA, we have stories of people who had embarked upon a .net
solution (3 of the individuals) or a Java solution (1 individual) and have
returned back to GUPTA Team developer. One of the companies bought over
$120K in Team Developer licenses/GLS to get their development projects back
on course and meet their respective companies' deliverables and timelines.

The problem is that none of them are willing to go public with a case study
or other means for fear it could potentially hurt their future careers. I
understand that, as the amount of money spent could be enormous in addition
to the cost of the delays to their respective companies. One company
attempted a conversion and it failed on two accounts; first was the initial
conversion was incomplete and the number of developers required to complete
the conversion was over double the number of Team Developer developers
needed to maintain the old Team Developer application. New product sales
tell us that people are returning to Team Developer in large numbers - but
we can't seem to document this in a way that can be used in press and
analyst briefings.

I do not want to know how much was spent on a failed or partially successful
project; I would just like to have someone willing to state why they have
returned to Team Developer for new development from either .net or Java and
the benefits they have gained. We would like some estimate of cost savings
of using Team Developer, but we would not discuss any lost money invested in
.net or Java nor would we talk about delayed or failed projects - just why
you returned to Team Developer or chose Team Developer for new projects.

Is anyone willing to come forward? You can respond to me privately if you
feel more comfortable rather than respond to the news group.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Charles W. Stevenson


GUPTA Technologies LLC.

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