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Report source: text files

Post by Angelo » 06 Feb 2001, 11:19

 Posted by:  Angelo 

I use CTD 1.5.1.
When I create a new report, RB 1.5 asks me a source. I need to select "text
files" but this is impossible, because it doesn't appear in the avaiable
I remember that in the older versions it was possible.
Do you know any trick to solve my problem?

Jeff Luther
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Report source: text files

Post by Jeff Luther » 06 Feb 2001, 17:07

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 


Yes, I have not used that feature in awhile, but ReportWindows earlier would
let you, via the File/Link... menu pick, select a file of CSV data, as the input

data for RW in preview mode. (It also had File/Test Data, where RW would
provide "dummy" data if you didn't have a CSV file while designing your

And yes, RB no longer allows that directly. But I notice--and I've never used
this before--that if you select "ODBC" as your data source, its list expands
to include "Text Files." And if you click on this item, this list expands to
all *.CSV and *.TXT files in the current disk directory. It first prompted me
a username and password. When I typed in "sysadm" and "sysadm" it seemed
to be happy and displayed the text files list.

Now... I did not go beyond this, but I would make a small test QRP this way,
with a CSV file as the data source. And if you will later use a database table
for your 'real' data, *make sure* that RB will allow you to change your data
source on this test QRP! I hope it will, but I think it may not. (RB has some
'holes' in it.)

If it does not, the Import Template feature may allow you to create another
report with a db source, then import your csv-version so your work won't
need to be done from the beginning.

Good luck!

- Jeff Luther/PC Design

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