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Calender control

Post by K.S » 26 Dec 2006, 04:52

 Posted by:  K.S 

Hi, All

I useing Team Developer 3.0.
Please watch an attached file.
This program use 'Calender Control 9.0' of ActiveX.

I want to add a schedule function to this calender.

Will you be possible?
Could you tell me this Way.

Best Regard.

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Jeff Luther
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Re: Calender control

Post by Jeff Luther » 26 Dec 2006, 22:14

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

"add a schedule function to this calender" - I think the answer
depends on what you mean by "function":
-- If you literally mean a simple function that prompts the user
with a dlg. box on a date click for schedule info. which you then
add to a database, then you could, for example:

Code: Select all

ActiveX: ax1
   Message Actions
     On Click
         ! get date info with PropGetxxx() functions, etc.
         ! pass the date to a dialog box for a time, a note, duration,
         ! etc. and then insert that into your database.
         ! Later you could display your schedule in a table window.
-- If you mean full scheduling function[ality] like a Gantt chart,
then you would need to look for another control. After a quick
search on MS Live for:
I found what looks to be a very good activeX (but at US$480.00 is not cheap):

I downloaded their MFC ActiveX control, ran the MSI files, generated
APLs in TD with ActiveX Explorer. It installed fine and I was able to
add a Gantt chart to a form window.

If you do your own search you may find something less expensive or free.
I do not have any other TD code sample which is a stand-alone scheduler.

And i you want some functionality between these 2 extremes, tell us in
more detail about what you want.

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design


Re: Calender control

Post by K.S » 27 Dec 2006, 03:16

 Posted by:  K.S 

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for your reply!!

If anything the thing which I hope for is this one.
I not hope have to let you display a dlg Box.

I wish I let you display it on calender simply.


Martin Duty

Re: Calender control

Post by Martin Duty » 28 Dec 2006, 17:16

 Posted by:  Martin Duty 


Look in your Samples Folder for VTTEST.APP. Under Class Menu, Calendar,
cCalendar. This should get you going. You will have to store the dates in a
database, File or registry, then load them in one at a time.


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