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Post by Taunzi » 13 Jun 2007, 11:54

 Posted by:  Taunzi 


i am a new TOM user and using ver 3.0. I have a problem, hopfully can
explain understandably.
I'm using in my project 3 app files: - as source - as source - as target witch has Dependencies to and

Now i want to build from to the 3.exe witch includes and
The problem is that TOM want to make from and the 1.exe and
2.exe, but i want only 3.exe.

i can't find a place where i can tell TOM what is the end .exe and witch app
files to include.

Help would be very apritiated....


Matthias Körner

new to the TOM

Post by Matthias Körner » 13 Jun 2007, 17:19

 Posted by:  Matthias Koerner 

we build all files via an .bat file!

@set Build=cbi41.exe -b
@set report=if exist *.err dir *.err/b
@echo on
%Build% MyFile1.apl
%Build% MyFile2.apl

Dave Rabelink
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Founder/Site Admin
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new to the TOM

Post by Dave Rabelink » 13 Jun 2007, 21:43

I'm not sure but maybe name and to 1.apl and 2.apl
(includes are normally libraries and not app's)
Furthermore, in 1.apl and 2.apl, open the Build options for those
files and set Target type to 'library'.
Set the options to 'Standard EXE' and include 1 & 2.apl.
Save the files with the options set and check them into TOM.


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Post by wilhelm » 06 Aug 2007, 10:48

 Posted by:  Wilhelm Speck 

Hi Taunzi,

I really don't understand the question.
You have 3 apps which are independent and can be compiled to indepentent
exes. How can app3 be dependant on app 1 and 2?
If app3 includes app1+app2 they must be defined as includes in app3.
TOM will then act accordingly.



new to the TOM

Post by taunzi » 06 Aug 2007, 12:11

 Posted by:  taunzi 

sry about lack of response, but thanks for the advise.
The following quide helped me out of my trouble :)

Thank you Dave :)


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