Application statistics tab

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Application statistics tab

Post by lfonda » 10 Jan 2018, 11:56

We are using TD 6.1SP3r.
We have noticed that properties tab containing information about resource use and application ( .app ) components always displays: Outline Space: 100% Free.
Tested on a sample application, other items seem to be correct.
Now everithing is working, but we are afraid to reach the upper limit of our application without any warning.
There is perhaps an heuristic method to compute the outline free space ?

Attached print screen of the tab in design and runtime mode.
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Jeff Luther
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Re: Application statistics tab

Post by Jeff Luther » 10 Jan 2018, 18:00

If this is your msg. + attachments for reporing the Outline Space bug in TD, then this is the wrong place to report the bug. When I wrote about someone with a support contract with OpenText (OT), I meant their own TD Forum, which is now open to licensed customers only. This is why Dave Rabelink started this TD Community Forum -- it's a free place that is open to all TD & SQLBase users, and not just to OT customers who have purchased a support contract. I don't have one.

>> To anyone with a support contract >>: Perhaps one of you can use lfonda's msg. + attachments in this thread, open a TD v6.x bug for this issue and -- as Dave R. does -- let us have the bug # et al info. about it? On behalf of lfonda, thanks!
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