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Charles Turner

Running ACT! 2008 Database on two Laptops

Post by Charles Turner » 03 Nov 2007, 12:01

 Posted by:  Charles Turner <> 

Hi guys,

Hope some of you SQL database experts out there can help me, 'cos at the
moment I'm going mad!

I want to use ACT! 2008 which uses MSSQL on 2 Laptops, (Vista & XP) one is
my own (Vista) and the other is a company laptop. I can't synchronse using a
network connection between the two machines because the work laptop has all
manner of hidden firewalls etc. so this is not an option. I'm really pi**ed
off that ACT! 2008 can only synchronise using a network connection. When I
bought ACT! 2008 I was told synchronisation is really simple. Can't use the
Internet sync as this is only available with ACT! for Workgroups.

I suddenly thought of the ideal solution; as I am the only user and I only
want to use ACT! on 2 Laptops I simply save the Database onto a Memory Stick
and use that on either Laptop - very simple, convenient and actually even
easier than having to connect the two laptops to synchronise.

You guessed it - bloody problems, I can copy the Database onto the memory
stick and access it from the comuter that saved it.

If I try to open it from the OTHER Laptop I get an error message that I am
unable to open the database and to check my network connections, SQL Server

Help, I'm going mad, there must surely be a simple solution to allow me to
transfer the Database backwards and forwards quickly between the two
machines using the memory stick?

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,



Re: Running ACT! 2008 Database on two Laptops

Post by Lew » 03 Nov 2007, 15:49

 Posted by:  Lew <> 

Did you cross-post to enough groups? What do Postgres and MySQL have to do
with your question?

(followup set)


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