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Error in SQLSQSAQL.DLL while compiling

Post by Arbind » 11 Sep 2007, 16:27

 Posted by:  Arbind <> 

Hello All,
I am trying to compile an application which was earlier in some very
old version to Gupta SQL WIndows 2005.1 . Most of the work is at the
moment done except I've got a Library error.

The Error is
"The appliaction or DLL SQLSQSAL.DLL is not a valid window image."

Does anybody know how to get an 32bit version or the equivalence
function calls?

These are the following function which is associated with the
Function: SqsExecuteProc
Function: SqsGetNextResults
Function: SqsGetError
Function: SqsGetMsg
Function: SqsGetReturnStatus
Function: SqsExecuteProcEx

Thanks for help

With Regards
Arbind Singh

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