Problem with sqlora32.dll

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Problem with sqlora32.dll

Post by » 22 Nov 2007, 16:09

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Hi everybody,
we are using DTD 2005 with Oracle Database 10g and have the problem
that SQL-statements that are longer than about 30,000 bytes crash our
We generate these SQL statements automatically so it is not possible
to make them smaller.
Does anyone have ever seen this problem?
Does anybody have a solution for this?


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Re: Problem with sqlora32.dll

Post by Jeff Luther » 24 Nov 2007, 00:05

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On Nov 22, 7:09 am, "" <goo...@heinemann-

You might try increasing the output message buffer (set in SQL.INI;
see the docs for exact wording of this parm. and Unify's Connectivity
PDF for specifics for Oracle) to be sure it is a value > 30K (like 64K
or 128K). As I recall, 'out' is where any statement from the front-end
is buffered before going to the back-end. This *may* be the problem,
though I've never heard of this issue before.

If that doesn't work (and you can't find anything else), then I can
only suggest what you don't want to hear: you will need to rearrange
your appl. so your auto-builds are smaller, or 'filter' your output by
parsing the SQL into 2 statements with 2 Sql Handles and 2 fetches.
Without knowing your code, tough to say which is easier (or which
would be impossible).

What are you into? A single row of data to a form window? Populating a
table window? Query for a report? That may make a difference as to how
easy or difficult it would be.

Best Regards,
Jeff @ PC Design
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