Old SQLBase ODBC Driver

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Markus Laube

Old SQLBase ODBC Driver

Post by Markus Laube » 10 Jan 2007, 19:54

 Posted by:  Markus Laube <marku...@t-online.de> 


maybe someone could help me, i have to migrate an old SQLBase 7.0.0 to an
other database system. But unfortunetly i dont find / have the old odbc
driver called "Centura SQLBase 3.0 32-bit Driver" several call to gupta /
and the old manufacturer of the driver results with no sucess. Maybe someone
here could help me where to find the driver ?

thanks in advance


Niels Allerheiligen

Re: Old SQLBase ODBC Driver

Post by Niels Allerheiligen » 17 Jan 2007, 10:57

 Posted by:  Niels Allerheiligen <nallerheilige...@genese.de> 


The new drivers should work. I can connect to a 7.5.1 with the new ODBC
driver, so I think it should also work with 7.0.0.
You download the driverpack on the Gupta website.



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