SQL Database Recommendations

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John R.

SQL Database Recommendations

Post by John R. » 04 Feb 2004, 06:51

 Posted by:  john-ne...@sbcglobal.net (John R.) 

I am curious about Gupta SQLBase. What are the advantages of it over
other databases? Are there any advantages? What are the negatives? I
greatly appreciate any relevent feedback. Thank you.

Dallas, TX

Bob Badour

SQL Database Recommendations

Post by Bob Badour » 04 Feb 2004, 17:38

 Posted by:  Bob Badour <bba...@golden.net> 

Pro: Small footprint, easy installation and relatively low maintenance
Con: Limited scalability, quirky ad hoc optimizer with sometimes surprising
limitations, the size of the company sometimes limits their ability to
provide timely support.

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