TCP/IP security for SQLHost/DB2 for CICS

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TCP/IP security for SQLHost/DB2 for CICS

Post by Service management team » 30 Jul 1998, 09:00

 Posted by:  Service management team <> 

Hi there,

we're setting up a SQLHost/DB2 for CICS environment using TCP/IP and
wonder how the verification requests are done from the listener program

It seems there is some security checking for the userid and the

There is nothing in the documentation about this security checking.

We also wonder why we need an exit (EZACICSE) for the security checking
when this function is supported from the GTILSN program?

Hope someone can help us,

Thanks in advance, Paul Jansen

Tony Vinayak

Re: TCP/IP security for SQLHost/DB2 for CICS

Post by Tony Vinayak » 05 Aug 1998, 09:01

 Posted by:  Tony Vinayak <> 

Here's some info from Patricia, our SQLHost expert:

The exit is only needed for versions 3.x of CICS since the task needed to be
terminal attached in order to be able to invoke security. In CICS 4.1 this
is not the case and so the exit is not absolutely required, although it is
advisable in a highly concurrent environment because IBM does not support
reuse of DB2 threads for non-terminal attached tasks. For earlier versions
of CICS they are not supported by IBM so I won't go into them.

Tony Vinayak
Centura Professional Services

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