Sending Mails

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Sending Mails

Post by TWitte » 14 Nov 2018, 09:32


I know there is a class SalMail included in Team Developer.
My problem ist, that this class is not supporting BCc and it is not possible to set the encoding for body and subject.
Currently my customer wants to use SE, NO and DK chars which causes some problems on the clients receiving emails over SalMail.
Does anyone use a tool or DLL which supports the usecases mentioned?

Thank you

Timo Witte
BPCS Consulting Services

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Re: Sending Mails

Post by clemdoc » 14 Nov 2018, 09:53

If your client is using Outlook and you want to integrate that into your application / make use of its features (i.e. having sent mails appear in the sent-mails folder etc.), I can recommend the Outlook Redemption Library (

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Re: Sending Mails

Post by FRBhote » 14 Nov 2018, 11:58


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Re: Sending Mails

Post by Harald » 14 Nov 2018, 22:47

Sorry, I use in several applications sndmail.dll, but this DLL is very old stuff and only available in 32 bit. I searched for an alternative solution and found this one:

I didn't tried it until yet, but I think it is promising.

Kind regards

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Re: Sending Mails

Post by eulloa » 16 Dec 2020, 13:15

Hello everyone, I need help with the CGMAIL.APL but I get the following messages

1) "Microsoft Office Outlook, No hay ningún cliente de correo predeterminado o el cliente de correo actual no puede llevar a a cabo la solicitud de mensajería. Ejecute Microsoft Office Outlook y establézcalo como el cliente de correo predeterminado"
2) "The systen could not connect to the Email-Client!"

What I need to know is how it connects to the mail server and how it gets username and password, since the application will be on a server that does not have mail.
I am using TD 5.2 on Windows 7

Thank you


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Re: Sending Mails

Post by monchotgu » 16 Jun 2021, 01:55

Hi I ran into the same problem where I got the error "Either there is no default mail..." or "Outlook is not the default mail client...". I found out this occurs because the Outlook client is 64 bit and my application is 32 bit. I installed the 32bit version of office an it work fine.

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