TD 6.3 executable - run as a Windows Service

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TD 6.3 executable - run as a Windows Service

Post by ageldern » 23 Jan 2019, 15:37

Hi there!

Until now, we were on TD3.1SP4. We build several Services with Team Developer 3.1 and the good old ntsvc.ocx.
We have a small Starter-App which talks with windows Service architecture. This App starts as a Service as local system and starts via SalLoadApp a Helper Process.
Any Teamdeveloper 3.1 EXE starts and behave as designed and expected ;)

Not so our new Teamdeveloper 6.3 SP2 Exe ! Its half initialized, SAM_AppStartup Events is not fired or processed.... :shock:
Not as local system as well as a local User.

Any Idea?

Many Greetings to all Gupta/opentext developer :D

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