DevCon 2008: Report Builder 5.2 Watermarks

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DevCon 2008: Report Builder 5.2 Watermarks

Post by Nils Jänicke » 01 Nov 2008, 07:12


A very nice new feature is the watermark in reports.
But it seems that it will not be very useful for your customers the way it looks on the DevCon.
To get benefits of this feature you should include following extensions:
- Include the possibility to switch the watermark on and of by a formula. So users can write "Copy" by a watermark to tell the reader, that this report is the copy. Or to print a report without watermark on special paper wich has the watermark included and to create a PDF with watermark.
- include the possibility to change the watermark at runtime (i.e. by using variables or input items).

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