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Post by Edgar » 12 Nov 2008, 09:09


I've got a problem with ReportBuilder 5.1, SP4 in conjunction with GraphicsServer 5.5.

We just converted our Apps (with Reports) from TD2005, PTF1 to TD 5.1,SP4. Everything worked fine, but the Report, that sends Data to a QuickGraph control - in this case to a 2D-BarChart with dynamical count of bars, do not function in the way, it does in the older version.
The BarGraph is the same, but the legend and the axis-description -in the new version- shows only the first letter of each item.
I crosschecked the QuickGraph-Configuration in the Oldversion with the 5.1-Version, and there are no differences. My opinion is, that the new ReportBuilder has an Interface-Problem with the GraphicsServer.

Can you please look for the problem and give response or a workaround?

Thank you in advance and regards

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