Report builder API (qrpti52.dll)

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Report builder API (qrpti52.dll)

Post by mkonir » 10 Dec 2009, 12:00


We want to read input items and variables from qrp files when printing from our applications. The API defined in qrpti52.dll / qckrpt.apl serves that purpose well. The problem is we found out the dll is not part of td52 runtime and installs with Report Builder.
Is it possible to use the dll without Report Builder installed (can we redistribute the dll with our application)? If not, is there any other way to read informations from the QRP?

Thanks, Milan


Re: Report builder API (qrpti52.dll)

Post by mkonir » 11 Dec 2009, 13:05

That's not very helpful Martin.

This would force our client to buy Report Builder if they want to use your application, because of the dll even if they're not interested in editing reports on their own. At least some basic API for qrps should be part of the Team Developer / Runtime.


Martin Teetz

Re: Report builder API (qrpti52.dll)

Post by Martin Teetz » 11 Dec 2009, 15:36

I'm sorry, I got confused with the Report Builder ActiveX. To use the ActiveX you need licenses of Report Builder.
Using the QuickReport library and dll has no runtime cost associated.


Re: Report builder API (qrpti52.dll)

Post by mkonir » 11 Dec 2009, 16:46

No problem. So you agree that "qrpti52.dll" should be part of the runtime installation (Deploy52.exe), but it's ok to distribute the dll with our application?

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