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Report Builder formats for field

Post by » 21 Oct 2011, 16:13

I whis that in report builder the posibility to format, in one field, with diffent types of letter enhancement (BOLD, UNDERLINE), and different types of letters.

Is that possible???


Jeff Luther

Re: Report Builder formats for field

Post by Jeff Luther » 22 Oct 2011, 00:37

So you want each letter in a field to have its own enhancement, like: TEST

If so, then no, as you can see if you click on a RB field in design-time to select it, and start clicking B, I, etc. the entire text is set that that enhancemet.

The only way I can think of doing this -- and it's a real kludge, at best -- is to have a set of fields that are linked:

that are each 1 char wide. In my test above:
<f1> = 'T'
<f2> = 'E'
<f3> = 'S'
<f4> = 'T'

They'd link together (and hopefully look like a single word) and display that way in preview or printing. Since each is its own field, you could set the enhancement for each character that way. Of course, you'd need enough fields to hold the max. length of string you wanted to display. A real hack, but it could work.

If you were providing data from a TD app, you'd use SalStrMidX() in SAM_ReportFetchNext and for each char assign it to <fX> field. Sometimes the motto is:
"If you must have it, you have to code it however you can!"

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