SQLServer 2008+Date/Time bind+TD2005

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SQLServer 2008+Date/Time bind+TD2005

Post by mvolz » 08 May 2008, 06:08

using Date/Time bindvariables against SqlServer2008 with odbc (sqlodb32.dll from TD2005) produces conversion-errors.
with Oledb it works, but there are other issues with bind variable in subselects...

How can you set or modify the date/time format for datetime bind variables?
Is SqlServer2008 not recognized as SqlServer (I guess the format is hard coded in the router)?
Rewriting all sql-statements (binding with strings) is not a choice.

Is there a chance to get updated routers (sqlodb32) for older releases?
Is TD5.1 tested against SqlServer2008?

Best regards

Manuel Volz

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