TD62 can't read RAW-Datatype from Oracle

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TD62 can't read RAW-Datatype from Oracle

Post by frevelundfey » 20 Jan 2015, 13:04

there is a bug in the oracle-router from gupta (sqlora32.dll) since it is impossible to read data from RAW-Datatype in oracle.
In TD31 one could read from a RAW-column into a string bindvar correctly
but in TD62 you can't fetch the data neither in a string bindvar nor in a binary bindvar - either one get's an empty bindvar or an error.

Using string as bindvar results in following error:
"Unicode conversion failed.
Reason: Failed to convert input( or output) buffer to (or from) Unicode format.
Remedy: None."

Using binary as bindvar it is just empty after fetch.

For selecting such data there is a workaround ( casting with TO_BLOB( RawCol ) ).
But nevertheless it's a bug that should be fixed.

Regards Thomas

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