Reset Page Number on Broup Break in Builder 1.5 (c) 1999

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Reset Page Number on Broup Break in Builder 1.5 (c) 1999

Post by bnixon » 23 Mar 2011, 15:45


I'm upgrading an invoice/credit memo qrp using repbi15 (yes the 1999 version) and an older Centura database.

I can't figure out where the settings are to have the page number reset to 1 on the invoice number group break.

Was this normally done using some sort of coding?

There's an input variable called PageCount that properly shows the (reset) page number in the original qrp.

I've looked for hidden fields, that have a fancy formula in them, but can't find anything.

Unfortunately, going to a newer version of Report Builder is not an option.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance ... Bill

Jeff Luther

Re: Reset Page Number on Broup Break in Builder 1.5 (c) 1999

Post by Jeff Luther » 24 Mar 2011, 22:00

I assume you mean RB's function PageNumber(). If so, you cannot set that. That's internal to RB and is managed from 1 to n pages.

Not exactly sure what you want, if you want to somehow manage your own Break Group numbering, I'd take a look at TD help for the msg: SAM_ReportNotify
and note the lParam constants that are assigned, depending on where RB is in the report.

In this way, for example, you might have a new input item -- nMyBreakPage -- set it to 1 on SAM_ReportStart, then each time you get:

Code: Select all

On SAM_ReportNotify
    If lParam = RPT_DoneXXX - not sure where you want this to be reset
        Set nMyBreakPage = 1
    Else - on some other part(s) of the report
        Set nMyBreakPage = nMyBreakPage + 1
That should be enough to give you the idea.

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