Picture Watermark do a washout by default

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Picture Watermark do a washout by default

Post by coolatsa » 30 Oct 2015, 14:33


we found that Report Builder applies a slight but very noticeable washout on a picture watermark without the washout checkbox checked.

For us it's not usable in this state, it would be great if it was corrected in the SP1.

First the original picture :
Second the printed document with the picuture watermark :
RB enhancement proposal : it would be marvelous if we could manage the opacity of the watermak, to have a configurable percentage for the washout
- 0% : almost the same as having no watermark
- 100% : the watermark is identical as the picture with same color intensity (no washout)
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Mike Vandine

Re: Picture Watermark do a washout by default

Post by Mike Vandine » 02 Nov 2015, 07:53


Can you give us a small example so that we can log a defect for this?

Unfortunately, this can't be fixed with SP1, since SP1 has just been released, but we might be able to get it in an update of SP1.

The enhancement sounds nice. Would it be too much trouble to repeat this enhancement request in the TD6.3 Enhancements forum?


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