RPT_ErrLoadDLL using SalReportPrintToFile for RTF

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RPT_ErrLoadDLL using SalReportPrintToFile for RTF

Post by ghuener » 17 Feb 2011, 04:51

I am trying to get ReportBuilder in 5.1 sp6 to produce an RTF document suitable for reading in Microsoft Word. I am using the following:

Set whWndReport = SalReportPrintToFile ( hWndForm, fsReport, psRTFFile, fsVariables, fsInputs, 1, RPT_PrintAll, 0, 0, 1, fnError )

The error code returned is 1 - RPT_ErrLoadDLL. I cannot figure out through any of the documentation what dll is not loading, or where i would find the dll if i did know what was missing.

When i use 0, the report completes but is gibberish in word (as it should be,since i think that is supposed to produce plain text), and if i use 2, it produces a nice pdf file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Luther

Re: RPT_ErrLoadDLL using SalReportPrintToFile for RTF

Post by Jeff Luther » 23 Feb 2011, 00:57

We'd need a test case to pursue, but TD help for that RPT_xxx error states:
RPT_ErrLoadDLL means that a report function was unable to load the required DLLs.

Returned by the functions:
SalReportCreate, SalReportPrint,
SalReportPrintToFile, SalReportView,
SalReportTableCreate, SalReportTablePrint,

Value = 1
So the first thing I'd do is verify you have a clean install of RB v5.1 and that your PATH setting is correct. One thing to check is use Windows Start/Run... repbi51.exe and see if it launches. The DLLs are going to be the ones in your TD v5.1 folder.

Can you run SalReportView()?

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