Variable not being set in qrp footer question

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Mike Edelstein

Variable not being set in qrp footer question

Post by Mike Edelstein » 23 May 2011, 15:52

We are trying to migrate an application from td4.1 to td6.0 and have this question. Any feedback would be appreciated. Do we need to do something differently?

Mike Edelstein

There seems to be a different behavior on when a report variable set with the SalReportSetNumberVar() gets recognized in the PageFooter of a report. In our current program we set an initial value (1) in the sam fetch next and (later in the program flow) then set an updated value (0) in the rpt_doneBreakFooter1 sam notify event. And there is conditional printing logic in the PageFooter based on that variable. In the old code, the page footer saw the 0 value. However with td6, the PageFooter is using the logic as if the value is 1, even though we set it to 0 in the rpt_doneBreakFooter1 event.

Jeff Luther

Re: Variable not being set in qrp footer question

Post by Jeff Luther » 24 May 2011, 22:13

There seems to be a different behavior...
Only possibility I can think of is that you using the older QRP version file with v6 and there's a subtle incompatibility with it?

FIRST, save a backup of all files, including the QRPs. Once you read in and save a QRP with RB v6, you cannot later read it in again with RB v4.1.

That said, try opening QRP in v6 if you haven't already, then save it with no changes. See if it works now. Otherwise, we will need a small test case. It does not have to be a DB app; something simple to show the problem is best for us.

From your description I can't really figure out the sequence :? You'll need to provide some code at least. And if you copy/pasted it here, be sure to then select it all and click the "Code" button above this text box. That will keep the code indented correctly. It's really tough to read and understand if everything's left-justified!

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