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Post by jdurban » 11 May 2020, 13:08


my form needs about 5 sec to load. I want to know where time is wasted so I write in (most important) SAM_CreateComplete actions a timestamp at the end of a multiline field. I see that after all SAM_CreateComplete 1 sec is passed but what's done in the next 4 sec?
I have set the status to "wait.." for the user, but it's the same problem that message dissappears after 1 sec but form is still busy and disabled 4 sec. Instead of deleting the status message at the end of SAM_CreateComplete of the form I have posted an private message to the form in where the text is deleted. That's working, text dissapears if form is enabled to user.

My question is, how can see what the app is doing in the 4 sec? Maybe I can read all messages of the Queue and see what else is done, there is a function like GetAllMessages in Windows. Does anybody has experience with that? Or other ideas? I use TD 7.04 without profiling. The app uses some libs and classes which are not build by me. So there might be some work in the Background...

Igor Ivanovic
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Re: GetAllMessages

Post by Igor Ivanovic » 12 May 2020, 09:10


You can try profiling it with this ... cellaneous
Scroll down a little and there is a section called TD Profiling with a link to the utility.
It's pretty straightforward and it may help you to find out what's happening.

Igor Ivanovic

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