JIRA and Code Management and Control

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JIRA and Code Management and Control

Post by ninelabs » 21 May 2020, 05:10

Hi Everyone,

I have been using JIRA as an Issue/Improvement management tool for our small team (3 people) for several years, along with Team Object Manager for version control. Before JIRA we were using Excel, and before that paper (we have been using TD since 1999). However, I have wanted to move to a more integrated code management implementation of JIRA for a while now, and have been thinking about moving over to either GIT or SVN and then integrating into JIRA that way. However, before I do, I was hoping that someone would have some helpful comments/advice/information to share about their experience with JIRA and code control/management. I know Dave is using JIRA to do this:
Dave Rabelink wrote:
13 Nov 2019, 09:39
But they are using JIRA for their project and issue tracking which supports fully automated management.
We are also using JIRA which, when implemented properly, will automatically track defects up to implementation and releases to be in control.

Every single letter changed to the sources should only be part of a release when it is linked to a JIRA case number.
Here we are unable to checkin any file into the system without an assigned JIRA task.
If anyone can give me some tips before I stumble off down the rabbit hole it would be greatly appreciated :D



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