Any ideas how I could fund this project?

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Any ideas how I could fund this project?

Post by Charlie » 06 Feb 2021, 18:17

G'day all,

Since losing my 25-year career job-position last December 3rd, I've been slowly thinking about re-entering the workforce (gently piecing together my curriculum vitae and scrutinizing the job market).

At this stage of my life, I would be really happy to earn an income working on the most interesting thing to me: The Tifoist Project

For the last 15 years, I've repeatedly thought I would be so much happier if I had way a to "hypertextually" (à la wiki !!!) model all software development process things (requirements, universe of discourse, EVERYTHING) and have the ability, with the related tool, to forward-engineer databases and programming code.
  • Although very experienced with ER diagramming, UML class diagramming, and (fairly experienced with) Object-Role Modeling, I've never been very fond of diagrams for documentation/communication of anything (except when dynamically and collaboratively creating a diagram with someone as par of understanding something.)
I envision a "product" that, although built as a plugin for TiddlyWiki, could be recreated in any wiki software that allows scripting/programming of features required for Tifoist. Imagine Tifoist/TW5, Tifoist/Dokuwiki, Tifoist/Mediawiki, Tifoist/Sharepoint ...

So far, I've taken baby-steps with proof of concept towards forward-engineering a database. Ability to someday generate Gupta Team Developer code? I relish the thought !

How do I go about supporting myself financially with this kind of open source project (mostly, if not all: my labour), if at all possible? Before I start digging into some sort of crowdfunding solution (which sounds like a real pain in the caboose), I wanted to check in with folk here for any advice / interest / comments. On the off-chance: do any of you have employers with deep pockets who would be interested in funding this kind of project?

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