sbccsrv.log written every 3 seconds

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sbccsrv.log written every 3 seconds

Post by » 03 Feb 2023, 09:14


two of our clients use tasks of the SQLBase Command Center. Now this process writes into the sbccsrv.log every 3 seconds "[2/1/2023 11:19:22 AM] Alarms examinatio[2/1/2023 11:19:25 AM] Alarms examinatio" and so on.

The problem is, that the sbccsrv.log is becoming bigger and bigger. And since nobody examines such a big file, a real error reported in this file would be ignored.

Is there any way to prevent the process from writing such a big senseless log file?

In the Task Database of the SQLBase Command Center there are some dayly and monthly tasks defined for backup and check database, but no alarms. The database version is 12.2.

Thank you for your help and best regards


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