TD 6.2 SP5 on Win Server 2022

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TD 6.2 SP5 on Win Server 2022

Post by Steve Leighton » 05 May 2023, 04:15

Am running TD 6.2 SP5 Upd 1 on Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard.
I know , I know, TD6.2 is way beyond end-of-life and not certified to run on much at all .....
but anyone have experiences of running ( or not ) TD 6.2 SP5 on Microsoft Windows Server 2022 .
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Re: TD 6.2 SP5 on Win Server 2022

Post by FRBhote » 08 May 2023, 06:13

We even run TD 2.1 on 2019.

But I can't see why one would use a server as a client? Would be ultra slow.

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